Said many

Said many Our adults and children listen to these stories, tell them to another, thereby, joining greatness of the first years of creation, turning mythology into the heroic epos.

Frosts the optimist, arrived to the forgotten village and began to build Kitezh.

Said many to it that it is bad job, but it all the same rested and started twisting affairs.

As it clever and spiritual, it had many friends.

I do not represent at all as he could invent it everything, but it turned out well.

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But only

But only Undoubtedly, it is the work demanding devotion and discipline.

But only such way guarantees establishment of deep mutual understanding, trust and love.

The relations between the child and the parent which develop in this case year after year, allow adults to be aware of problems and doubts which torment the growing soul.

At such development of the relations it is possible to influence behavior of the child from within, at the level of statement of the purposes and moral estimates.

As the child looks at the world, and we have to look at the child from time to time with the amazed trust turning into bright experiences of unity with all real and, of course, love.

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And without

And without But does not pull because there is in them no that unique atmosphere of the gagrsky cafes which are comfortably clamped on a narrow coastal strip between the majestic mountains of the Caucasus and the boundless Black Sea.

That atmosphere of carefree rest and an eternal holiday of a stomach which does foods especially juicy and appetizing.

And without the atmosphere taste of dishes any more not that.

One more my favourite place in Gagra the local market.

There always the inherent spirit mix of aromas of east spices, ripe fruit, svezhevypechenny bread soars only to it.

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People thought

People thought Like a thread which connects beads or buttons, through heart of each person there passes thread which is called Spirit.

People thought up for It a set of different names.

Children have to understand that, speaking about heart, you do not mean heart as one of members of the body.

It is fine that the same as behind a variety of flowers and forms of these beads { or buttons we see the thread connecting them together, we can find out behind originality of our persons and characters that unites us, that is the center of our soul.

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Under a bowl

Under a bowl As seldom as possible use adaptations for feeding of babies.

Though some of them sometimes in something are useful.

For example, if it is difficult for child to scoop food a spoon, it is better to put it in a deep bowl, but not on a flat plate.

Under a bowl it is possible to spread the napkin interfering sliding.

Children often eat with a cerebral palsy very slowly, and that the food did not cool down, it is possible to use a plate with heating a soup plate under which capacity with hot water is put.

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