To expand

To expand Take a plateau with plateaus, pans from a tree or polyethylene pieces To improve a small motility of the child, to fix special position of a thumb in relation to four another at grab of flat subjects.

To expand experience of actions: to display and put subjects.

To form idea of part and whole in the course of practical actions with subjects.

The child has to take at first from the adults hands flat subjects, holding a palm the back party down, pressing a subject from above a thumb, and then independently to take plateaus from a pile.

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Scotland, February, David

Scotland, February, David This book will help to make this trip.

Scotland, February, David Dean, OVE David Dean, the Gentleman Ordena of the British Empire, within years worked at independent progressive school of England, then was appointed the director of new special school in Wales.

In in Scotland it founded Redderis school therapeutic school for children with special requirements at which he worked years with children and teachers, developing the innovative local program on the basis of the principles of holistichesky and group psychotherapy.

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Childrens years were it then.

Childrens age, and already such consciousness!

As showed life, Yulka arrived very wisely, having attended to a question of posterity at so tender age.

Because from the moment of emergence of desire at it to become mother to its embodiment passed years.

Yes, Yulya too appeared among those who could not become pregnant neither from the first attempt, nor with the twenty first.

She trampled not one couple boots, wandering on medical offices.

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In all books

In all books By the way!

Soon six.

End of the working day.

It is necessary to call Dima that went home, took a shower, ate and here.

In all books it is written that first labor lasts on average hours.

So I planned to give rise in any way not earlier than four mornings.

Night is necessary to us long, I so let Dima will properly be supported thought, will make toilet after the tiresome working day and will morally be adjusted before gets to my box.

My second call was to the father.

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To develop

To develop Speech maintenance: KOLOKOOLChIK!




DonDon, to bamba with rattles of a different form, with various handles; with subject rattles; with subjects from various materials To learn to take subjects, being guided by their form, size and situation in space.

To develop the approximate and research actions with subjects allowing to find practically their hidden properties.

To form action of touch and tactile sensitivity of a palm, fingers at action with subjects of a different form, size, the invoice, etc.

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