Therefore Cut out from figure paper, the symbolizing dreams.

Our imagination one of the biggest gifts which we possess.

It is necessary to use this gift carefully.

The thought imprinted in our imagination, being repeatedly repeated, becomes our belief and it is realized.

Therefore we have to imagine only what really we want.

Give examples of use of imagination which concern life of children and which will be clear to them: a victory in competition, finding of the friend, an illness, mistakes in examination, loss something, falling on a skating rink, etc.

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She willynilly

She willynilly As a result, instead of enjoying the state, the frightened pregnant woman starts drawing terrible pictures of the unknown future in imagination.

She willynilly psychologically trains herself for that, as to her there can be that that unpleasant while has to be most weakened and optimistic made.

So, caring of peace of mind of young women on snosyakh, I call: Little girls, do not read any passions of a mordasta from the Internet, read my vital positive better!

And it consists in simple truth everything at you will develop simply remarkably especially if you read the following chapters of this book.

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But there

But there Not long.

I do not know yet that there to do to me.

We and two years ago and last year went to Moscow.

I walked the streets, thought that I love the cities, I want to live in the city … But something changed.

Now I want to live in the city less, and life in Kitezh is represented to me more interesting and saturated.

But there is also other type of the hidden leaders who prefer to seem weak.

Above all they are afraid to be disappointed in own forces therefore avoid to test them.

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To me it cannot

To me it cannot Bobbie, years, San Diego, California.

To me it cannot damage Very many teenagers know about adverse effect of tobacco and alcohol, but nevertheless continue to smoke and drink.

It can be connected with the Supermans syndrome about which I spoke in the previous chapter.

The syndrome forces us to feel the impregnable.

For most of teenagers is not in the field of vision tomorrow, matters only today.

Therefore, what to worry because of couple of portions of tequila and a halfpack of cigarettes?

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The movements

The movements The muscular tone of a trunk is lowered At the lowered muscular tone the child turns in the most primitive way: it is completely unbent and extremely slightly displaces a humeral belt of rather pelvic.

The movements which at a childrens cerebral palsy are possible, but are carried out incorrectly Sometimes the childs habit with a cerebral palsy it is wrong to move leads to that it cannot learn to move smoothly and coordinate, to gain skills of thin movements.

Of course, to promote that it moved independently, and its progress should rejoice, but it is impossible to encourage the movements which are fraught with development of contractures and deformations or interfere with acquisition of the correct movement skills.

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