This word

This word I learned about it accurately and clearly when studied in the sixth grade.

Very often, studying at high school, everything who is not pleasant to us, we call pederasts.

This word became a synonym for all bad.

I so got used to it that began to use constantly this word and once incidentally called someone in the presence of mother.

I did not even think that said until she told: As you dare!

She began to explain that to tell such words and to take a jaundiced view to someone because of something same, and it became a cause of death of million Jews, same, as we, at the time of genocide.

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But, being

But, being From the point of view of ordinary consciousness by which she was also guided, her there is nothing was to reproach.

And to look in itself that to admit to itself FEAR of world around, she was AFRAID!

It not a quirk of language, not artificial paradox, but exact reflection of loop, the psychological deadlock to which it tired out herself.

But, being the honors pupil and the obedient girl, she felt in relative safety.

I will not tell how in other places, but in Kitezh to it it was comfortable, so, there was also no need to change.

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Lesson course

Lesson course Problems it is road signs, but not prohibition signs.

Problems do life more interesting.

Lesson course Suggest children to call some problems which they should face in life.

Ask children to add to this list as well future problems which already now cause in them concern, including problems of local, national and international scale.

As your children call these problems, write down each of them on a separate leaflet of paper.

Let children rumple these leaflets and throw into a wastepaper basket.

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Pupils of elementary

Pupils of elementary The condition of offense cannot be positive is always a position of the loser.

At Kitezhsky school we try to avoid excessive competitive spirit.

Even without encouragement with the teacher, children are always inclined to compare progress of each other.

Pupils of elementary grades are simply ruthless to those who shows weakness.

The aspiration to point out the defects of others is especially inherent in diffident fifthgraders and sixthgraders.

So it is more convenient to them to distract the teacher from own shortcomings.

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And again

And again Only this pleasure quickly ended.

And again Moscow, empty apartment, the unknown future and desire to howl a wolf.

However What it I represent the friend the such heartless monster who completely threw the pregnant wife?

After all it supported Vika in all fatal decisions, and sometimes and itself accepted them remember an episode about the abortions offered them?


Went with it on doctors, to ultrasonography.

Therefore it is impossible to reproach him with the complete indifference.

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