Attention. Children

Attention. Children It is possible to begin occupations with the small child, for example, so: sit down on a small ball and put the kid to yourself on knees.

In fig.

it is shown how it is possible to use a small ball for training of reactions of preservation of balance and for games with children of younger age, and in fig.

with children is more senior.


Children of younger age suit only small balls.

Do not allow the child to lay down or sit down on a ball without supervision at all.

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If they suddenly

If they suddenly To achieve their trust and love it is extremely difficult as they do not trust in your good intentions, and all words and acts urged to soften their character and to create new, the view of the world which is socially accepted, they simply consider as hypocrisy.

If they suddenly start behaving as obedient children, and to tell you the correct words, first of all check: whether attempt it to manipulate you for receiving some benefits.

Orphan children get to Kitezh, having already passed through cruelty, violence and other nasty things.

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It already

It already The father you Will break.

Marine It breaks everything.

Anything it is not interesting to it.

I in years on tennis itself took away it, every day in seven lifted on trainings, and he threw.

It already then had no will.

Marine And you tried to bring up it?

The father with irritation Yes to me was once I earned money.

His mother spoiled.

I speak go for tennis, and she let will have a sleep longer.

Expelled from tennis.

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For example, you will

For example, you will Clothing is not only one of daily tasks, but also good training as includes many important skills.

Helping the child to put on, do not forget about importance of sight, instructions which you give it, and reminders on your intention to make something.

For example, you will help the kid to correlate words to the movements if speak: Implant a foot into a boot or Pass a hand throughout a sleeve when you together with it make these actions.

When the child already starts speaking, ask it to call all actions.

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But, even

But, even Remember the song: Teacher first mine …?

My first teacher as I understand absolutely distinctly now was to the deserved, betrayed traditions of domestic pedagogics, badly educated, harmful aunt.

It imparted to me hatred to my school class and educational process in general.

But, even at worst, parents can compensate shortcomings.

My parents waited when I go to the third class and I start something understanding in surrounding reality then frankly told me that in life it is not always lucky on meetings with clever people and it is necessary to be able to suffer.

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