And, at last, point

And, at last, point And about separate chamber It not capital snobbery and not neglect to the ordinary women in labor compelled to divide one hospital room for three of four six.

This simple human desire to retire after a hard work i.


childbirth, to have a rest, be restored, to concentrate on the child and not to see anybody around with anybody not to communicate doctors it is not counted.

And, at last, point fourth visits of relatives.

I did not imagine as it is possible to spend some days in state state medical institution and not to see the person native.

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For this

For this Such children move, being rolled from a back on a stomach and back, or make a start feet, lying on a back as we already described see fig.

, b.

Some children successfully move forward and back in a sitting position.

For this purpose they have to be able to sit on a floor with a direct back, having bent feet in coxofemoral joints and leaning on straight arms.

To move back, the child sits down, leans on straight arms and bends feet in knees.

It bends forward, rests heels against a floor, straightens feet and moves a basin between hands back, and then again bends feet in knees.

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Try as far as it is possible, not to notice

Try as far as it is possible, not to notice Train at each opportunity.


As much as possible encourage any achievement of the child, whether it be only a feeble attempt to action or a clear victory.

Try as far as it is possible, not to notice failure of the child, do not show the surprise and be not irritated.

Remember these principles, and you will help the child to seize the elementary skills, and he will enjoy very much.

Training can be pleasant!

Training of the child with additional violations Sight violation Some children with a cerebral palsy, except motive violations, have also sight violations.

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It is primitively

It is primitively Which, by the way, will right there be forgotten as soon as the kid, the longawaited, gained, very best darling is born.

So achievements of medicine now a sin not to use, especially, so far as concerns the sacred about the birth of new life.

Other shades of pregnancy To divide pregnant women into those who took out the child easily, and those to whom it troubled, it would be too simple.

It is primitively simple.

Because the world it is not be black the white.

In its palette there are also other shades.

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I could

I could Then I did not know yet, how strongly I should puff.

To lie together with own child, to feel his heat, easy breath, to examine and embrace him is, of course, great happiness.

I could not see enough of the girl.

It seemed, anything in life it is not necessary, only to lie here so near any more and to admire.

Idyll was broken by arrival of the nurse.

Well, how, it turned out?

Yes that that not really.

And it is possible to leave me it?

Now there will be rounds, procedures.

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