I could

I could Then I did not know yet, how strongly I should puff.

To lie together with own child, to feel his heat, easy breath, to examine and embrace him is, of course, great happiness.

I could not see enough of the girl.

It seemed, anything in life it is not necessary, only to lie here so near any more and to admire.

Idyll was broken by arrival of the nurse.

Well, how, it turned out?

Yes that that not really.

And it is possible to leave me it?

Now there will be rounds, procedures.

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Having become

Having become If there it is pleasant to the child, parents will look forward more quietly.

Besides it is one more way of education in the child of independence.

Today in Great Britain many adults with violations for a while settle from time to time in boarding schools it is natural to them, and on zvolyat them if necessary to leave the parental house.

Having become the adult, the young man with violations can start living separately.

Depending on its state, necessary leaving is provided to it.

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Treat attempts

Treat attempts Excessive vanity beats off desire to study not less, than constant remarks and neglect.

Treat attempts of the child to speak quietly, show him in practice as the speech in everyday life is necessary and as it is interesting to be able to speak.

Gestures Within the first years of life gestures are extremely necessary for the child.

Being engaged in commonplaces, comment on the actions, especially that directly concern the kid.

At first use nouns call subjects, then verbs designate the actions, and at last describe them simple sentences.

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