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Said many

Our adults and children listen to these stories, tell them to another, thereby, joining greatness of the first years of creation, turning mythology into the heroic epos.Frosts the optimist, arrived to the forgotten village and began to build Kitezh.Said many to it that it is bad job, but it all the same rested and started twisting affairs.As it clever and spiritual, it had many friends.I do not represent at all as he could invent it everything, but it turned out well.

But only

Undoubtedly, it is the work demanding devotion and discipline.But only such way guarantees establishment of deep mutual understanding, trust and love.The relations between the child and the parent which develop in this case year after year, allow adults to be aware of problems and doubts which torment the growing soul.At such development of the relations it is possible to influence behavior of the child from within, at the level of statement of the purposes and moral estimates.As the child looks at the world, and we have to look at the child from time to time with the amazed trust turning into bright experiences of unity with all real and, of course, love.

And without

But does not pull because there is in them no that unique atmosphere of the gagrsky cafes which are comfortably clamped on a narrow coastal strip between the majestic mountains of the Caucasus and the boundless Black Sea.That atmosphere of carefree rest and an eternal holiday of a stomach which does foods especially juicy and appetizing.And without the atmosphere taste of dishes any more not that.One more my favourite place in Gagra the local market.There always the inherent spirit mix of aromas of east spices, ripe fruit, svezhevypechenny bread soars only to it.

People thought

Like a thread which connects beads or buttons, through heart of each person there passes thread which is called Spirit.People thought up for It a set of different names.Children have to understand that, speaking about heart, you do not mean heart as one of members of the body.It is fine that the same as behind a variety of flowers and forms of these beads { or buttons we see the thread connecting them together, we can find out behind originality of our persons and characters that unites us, that is the center of our soul.

Under a bowl

As seldom as possible use adaptations for feeding of babies.Though some of them sometimes in something are useful.For example, if it is difficult for child to scoop food a spoon, it is better to put it in a deep bowl, but not on a flat plate.Under a bowl it is possible to spread the napkin interfering sliding.Children often eat with a cerebral palsy very slowly, and that the food did not cool down, it is possible to use a plate with heating a soup plate under which capacity with hot water is put.

To expand

Take a plateau with plateaus, pans from a tree or polyethylene pieces To improve a small motility of the child, to fix special position of a thumb in relation to four another at grab of flat subjects.To expand experience of actions: to display and put subjects.To form idea of part and whole in the course of practical actions with subjects.The child has to take at first from the adults hands flat subjects, holding a palm the back party down, pressing a subject from above a thumb, and then independently to take plateaus from a pile.

Scotland, February, David

This book will help to make this trip.Scotland, February, David Dean, OVE David Dean, the Gentleman Ordena of the British Empire, within years worked at independent progressive school of England, then was appointed the director of new special school in Wales.In in Scotland it founded Redderis school therapeutic school for children with special requirements at which he worked years with children and teachers, developing the innovative local program on the basis of the principles of holistichesky and group psychotherapy.


years were it then.Childrens age, and already such consciousness!As showed life, Yulka arrived very wisely, having attended to a question of posterity at so tender age.Because from the moment of emergence of desire at it to become mother to its embodiment passed years.Yes, Yulya too appeared among those who could not become pregnant neither from the first attempt, nor with the twenty first.She trampled not one couple boots, wandering on medical offices.

In all books

By the way!Soon six.End of the working day.It is necessary to call Dima that went home, took a shower, ate and here.In all books it is written that first labor lasts on average hours.So I planned to give rise in any way not earlier than four mornings.Night is necessary to us long, I so let Dima will properly be supported thought, will make toilet after the tiresome working day and will morally be adjusted before gets to my box.My second call was to the father.

To develop

Speech maintenance: KOLOKOOLChIK!WHERE HAND BELL?HERE KOLOKOOOLChIK!SHAAARIK!DonDon, to bamba with rattles of a different form, with various handles; with subject rattles; with subjects from various materials To learn to take subjects, being guided by their form, size and situation in space.To develop the approximate and research actions with subjects allowing to find practically their hidden properties.To form action of touch and tactile sensitivity of a palm, fingers at action with subjects of a different form, size, the invoice, etc.

The sounding

With jingles To develop acoustical approximate reactions, inducing the child to search, research actions turn of the head to a sound source.The sounding subject at once not to show to the child, inducing it to active search of a source of a sound.With various subjects making sounds a hand bell, a rattle, a tambourine with the figurative toys publishing peep, whistle, buzz, rustling, etc.when pressing or stirring.To induce the child to search of a source of a sound: to turn the head towards the sounding subject, to fix it a look.

For most

Absolutely insignificant factor for example, cynical judgment of friends on the yard can neutralize longterm influence of own parents.For most of children, irrespective of their age, the relation with contemporaries it is more important than achievements in school and even, often, good relations with parents.It is clear to us that good study a way to further success in life.But in hierarchy of values of your son now where the love of the blueeyed ninthgrader is more actual.

He wipes

Roleplaying games The child of twothree years is attracted not only toys, but also occupations of people around.It is attracted by everything that mother, and everything does, than she uses, and he seeks to do the same.The kid constantly watches mother and imitates her during games.He wipes dust a rag, disturbs in toy pans a spoon, washes, dresses and undresses dolls, behaves with them the same as mother when communicates with it behaves.Games become more various, there are roleplaying games: the kid arranges for tea drinking dolls, puts them to bed, abuses and praises.


FORMATION of PREREQUISITES FOR DEVELOPMENT of the ACTIVE SPEECH, ACTIVIZATION, IMPROVEMENT of the DICTIONARY, GRAMMATICAL CORRECT PHRASES AND COHERENT SPEECH Ra IV.DEVELOPMENT OF VISUAL APPROXIMATE REACTIONS, VISUAL AND MOTOR COORDINATION, ORIENTATION IN THE SIZE, THE FORM, COLOUR V.DEVELOPMENT OF THE MANUAL MOTILITY, ACTIONS WITH SUBJECTS, CANNON, GAME, CONSTRUCTIVE ACTIVITY APPENDICES The appendix Questions for tutors according to the analysis of the carriedout individual work for collective meeting Questions for the teacherspeech pathologist of the analysis of the carried out individual work Appendix Accounting of Efficiency of Collaboration of the Teacher and the tutor with children of group in a quarter The Instruction appendix by definition of initial occupation according to each section of the program Appendix EXAMPLES of the INDIVIDUAL CORRECTIONAL WORK Appendix EXAMPLES of the INDIVIDUAL CORRECTIONAL WORK The patience and persistence stimulated by love to the child and supported with scientific knowledge can promote realization of the right of each human being for the share of happiness and wellbeing.

Mary? years, Chattanooga, Tennessee. As if mothers


Cut out from figure paper, the symbolizing dreams.Our imagination one of the biggest gifts which we possess.It is necessary to use this gift carefully.The thought imprinted in our imagination, being repeatedly repeated, becomes our belief and it is realized.Therefore we have to imagine only what really we want.Give examples of use of imagination which concern life of children and which will be clear to them: a victory in competition, finding of the friend, an illness, mistakes in examination, loss something, falling on a skating rink, etc.

She willynilly

As a result, instead of enjoying the state, the frightened pregnant woman starts drawing terrible pictures of the unknown future in imagination.She willynilly psychologically trains herself for that, as to her there can be that that unpleasant while has to be most weakened and optimistic made.So, caring of peace of mind of young women on snosyakh, I call: Little girls, do not read any passions of a mordasta from the Internet, read my vital positive better!And it consists in simple truth everything at you will develop simply remarkably especially if you read the following chapters of this book.

But there

Not long.I do not know yet that there to do to me.We and two years ago and last year went to Moscow.I walked the streets, thought that I love the cities, I want to live in the city … But something changed.Now I want to live in the city less, and life in Kitezh is represented to me more interesting and saturated.But there is also other type of the hidden leaders who prefer to seem weak.Above all they are afraid to be disappointed in own forces therefore avoid to test them.

To me it cannot

Bobbie, years, San Diego, California.To me it cannot damage Very many teenagers know about adverse effect of tobacco and alcohol, but nevertheless continue to smoke and drink.It can be connected with the Supermans syndrome about which I spoke in the previous chapter.The syndrome forces us to feel the impregnable.For most of teenagers is not in the field of vision tomorrow, matters only today.Therefore, what to worry because of couple of portions of tequila and a halfpack of cigarettes?

The movements

The muscular tone of a trunk is lowered At the lowered muscular tone the child turns in the most primitive way: it is completely unbent and extremely slightly displaces a humeral belt of rather pelvic.The movements which at a childrens cerebral palsy are possible, but are carried out incorrectly Sometimes the childs habit with a cerebral palsy it is wrong to move leads to that it cannot learn to move smoothly and coordinate, to gain skills of thin movements.Of course, to promote that it moved independently, and its progress should rejoice, but it is impossible to encourage the movements which are fraught with development of contractures and deformations or interfere with acquisition of the correct movement skills.

This word

I learned about it accurately and clearly when studied in the sixth grade.Very often, studying at high school, everything who is not pleasant to us, we call pederasts.This word became a synonym for all bad.I so got used to it that began to use constantly this word and once incidentally called someone in the presence of mother.I did not even think that said until she told: As you dare!She began to explain that to tell such words and to take a jaundiced view to someone because of something same, and it became a cause of death of million Jews, same, as we, at the time of genocide.

But, being

From the point of view of ordinary consciousness by which she was also guided, her there is nothing was to reproach.And to look in itself that to admit to itself FEAR of world around, she was AFRAID!It not a quirk of language, not artificial paradox, but exact reflection of loop, the psychological deadlock to which it tired out herself.But, being the honors pupil and the obedient girl, she felt in relative safety.I will not tell how in other places, but in Kitezh to it it was comfortable, so, there was also no need to change.

Lesson course

Problems it is road signs, but not prohibition signs.Problems do life more interesting.Lesson course Suggest children to call some problems which they should face in life.Ask children to add to this list as well future problems which already now cause in them concern, including problems of local, national and international scale.As your children call these problems, write down each of them on a separate leaflet of paper.Let children rumple these leaflets and throw into a wastepaper basket.

Pupils of elementary

The condition of offense cannot be positive is always a position of the loser.At Kitezhsky school we try to avoid excessive competitive spirit.Even without encouragement with the teacher, children are always inclined to compare progress of each other.Pupils of elementary grades are simply ruthless to those who shows weakness.The aspiration to point out the defects of others is especially inherent in diffident fifthgraders and sixthgraders.So it is more convenient to them to distract the teacher from own shortcomings.

And again

Only this pleasure quickly ended.And again Moscow, empty apartment, the unknown future and desire to howl a wolf.However What it I represent the friend the such heartless monster who completely threw the pregnant wife?After all it supported Vika in all fatal decisions, and sometimes and itself accepted them remember an episode about the abortions offered them?.Went with it on doctors, to ultrasonography.Therefore it is impossible to reproach him with the complete indifference.

Attention. Children

If they suddenly

To achieve their trust and love it is extremely difficult as they do not trust in your good intentions, and all words and acts urged to soften their character and to create new, the view of the world which is socially accepted, they simply consider as hypocrisy.If they suddenly start behaving as obedient children, and to tell you the correct words, first of all check: whether attempt it to manipulate you for receiving some benefits.Orphan children get to Kitezh, having already passed through cruelty, violence and other nasty things.

It already

The father you Will break.Marine It breaks everything.Anything it is not interesting to it.I in years on tennis itself took away it, every day in seven lifted on trainings, and he threw.It already then had no will.Marine And you tried to bring up it?The father with irritation Yes to me was once I earned money.His mother spoiled.I speak go for tennis, and she let will have a sleep longer.Expelled from tennis.

For example, you will

Clothing is not only one of daily tasks, but also good training as includes many important skills.Helping the child to put on, do not forget about importance of sight, instructions which you give it, and reminders on your intention to make something.For example, you will help the kid to correlate words to the movements if speak: Implant a foot into a boot or Pass a hand throughout a sleeve when you together with it make these actions.When the child already starts speaking, ask it to call all actions.

But, even

Remember the song: Teacher first mine …?My first teacher as I understand absolutely distinctly now was to the deserved, betrayed traditions of domestic pedagogics, badly educated, harmful aunt.It imparted to me hatred to my school class and educational process in general.But, even at worst, parents can compensate shortcomings.My parents waited when I go to the third class and I start something understanding in surrounding reality then frankly told me that in life it is not always lucky on meetings with clever people and it is necessary to be able to suffer.

And, at last, point

And about separate chamber It not capital snobbery and not neglect to the ordinary women in labor compelled to divide one hospital room for three of four six.This simple human desire to retire after a hard work i.e.childbirth, to have a rest, be restored, to concentrate on the child and not to see anybody around with anybody not to communicate doctors it is not counted.And, at last, point fourth visits of relatives.I did not imagine as it is possible to spend some days in state state medical institution and not to see the person native.

For this

Such children move, being rolled from a back on a stomach and back, or make a start feet, lying on a back as we already described see fig., b.Some children successfully move forward and back in a sitting position.For this purpose they have to be able to sit on a floor with a direct back, having bent feet in coxofemoral joints and leaning on straight arms.To move back, the child sits down, leans on straight arms and bends feet in knees.It bends forward, rests heels against a floor, straightens feet and moves a basin between hands back, and then again bends feet in knees.

Try as far as it is possible, not to notice

Train at each opportunity.Encouragement.As much as possible encourage any achievement of the child, whether it be only a feeble attempt to action or a clear victory.Try as far as it is possible, not to notice failure of the child, do not show the surprise and be not irritated.Remember these principles, and you will help the child to seize the elementary skills, and he will enjoy very much.Training can be pleasant!Training of the child with additional violations Sight violation Some children with a cerebral palsy, except motive violations, have also sight violations.

It is primitively

Which, by the way, will right there be forgotten as soon as the kid, the longawaited, gained, very best darling is born.So achievements of medicine now a sin not to use, especially, so far as concerns the sacred about the birth of new life.Other shades of pregnancy To divide pregnant women into those who took out the child easily, and those to whom it troubled, it would be too simple.It is primitively simple.Because the world it is not be black the white.In its palette there are also other shades.

I could

Then I did not know yet, how strongly I should puff.To lie together with own child, to feel his heat, easy breath, to examine and embrace him is, of course, great happiness.I could not see enough of the girl.It seemed, anything in life it is not necessary, only to lie here so near any more and to admire.Idyll was broken by arrival of the nurse.Well, how, it turned out?Yes that that not really.And it is possible to leave me it?Now there will be rounds, procedures.

Having become

If there it is pleasant to the child, parents will look forward more quietly.Besides it is one more way of education in the child of independence.Today in Great Britain many adults with violations for a while settle from time to time in boarding schools it is natural to them, and on zvolyat them if necessary to leave the parental house.Having become the adult, the young man with violations can start living separately.Depending on its state, necessary leaving is provided to it.

Treat attempts

Excessive vanity beats off desire to study not less, than constant remarks and neglect.Treat attempts of the child to speak quietly, show him in practice as the speech in everyday life is necessary and as it is interesting to be able to speak.Gestures Within the first years of life gestures are extremely necessary for the child.Being engaged in commonplaces, comment on the actions, especially that directly concern the kid.At first use nouns call subjects, then verbs designate the actions, and at last describe them simple sentences.


Perhaps they so passionately dreamed of it, what in this aspiration to become mother and the father forgot, what they are a man and the woman, two halves of a whole?Lana suggested to part.Mischa did not object.For a while they ceased to live under one roof, to conduct economy, to sleep in one bed.But did not stop being each other dear people: called up several times in the course of the day, carried on long talk for life, rushed on any call about the help.But the main thing was renewed by attempts to become pregnant.


Also it is not ready to forgive this weakness even to the most loved and native one.To be stirred up and distract from gloomy thoughts, Vick it was necessary to find some occupation, to plunge in what that new.And it went to study as the accountant.Besides it was demanded by interests of their family business: Lesh, having once burned, decided not to admit people from outside to a commercial wrong side of the business any more.Examinations appeared the most difficult in the course of study.

The child

Other option do two holes in a small cardboard box: one in a cover, and another in a wall at a bottom.The child has to put a glass ball or other similar subject in a box, and then, turning a box, to achieve that he dropped out of a hole.I hope, the given examples show that usual subjects which will be in any house, is a fine material for the invention of the various developing games.Judging by my experience of occupations with children and with the having violations, and with usual, simple subjects which children find houses, attract them by no means not less expensive toys.


Other great Victorian the surgeonorthopedist William Littl assumed that the brain is injured at childbirth.According to Littls theory, the lack of intake of oxygen in the childs brain at the time of delivery is the main reason of a cerebral palsy.This explanation was, perhaps, the most popular the last years and led to that huge number of parents especially in the USA, whose children had a cerebral palsy, submitted judicial claims against obstetricians.Now it is known that newborns it is much easier, than it was represented earlier, transfer deficiency of oxygen, and passing in patrimonial ways which, undoubtedly, hard and travmatichno for the child, not so often leads to injury of a brain.


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